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Adventures with Langdon!

Inferno by Dan Brown

Robert Langdon has woken up in a hospital room and doesn’t remember the last two days of his life. He has  stitches on his head from a gun shot wound and just escaped from the hospital with Dr. Sienna Brooks. Bertrand Zobrist is an extremely smart geneticist and transhumanist who believes that humans are on the verge of extinction due to overpopulation.He has recently committed suicide after going into hiding for a year. His goal is to come up with a solution to our problem of overpopulation in the most extreme way possible: a plague that will wipe out half of humanity. Robert has been given the clues to stop this from happening but he must dive into the mind of Zobrist and its obsession with Dante Alighieri’s poem The Inferno and between his amnesia and the people trying to kill him, he isn’t having an easy time with it. Robert takes us on a journey through many countries and as always we are able to experience different European countries as he tries to save the …

Adult Goosebumps

Red Rain by R.L. Stine

Lea was in Cape Le Chat Noir when Hurricane Ernesto swept through the island killing many of the islanders and destroying the landscape. Daniel and Samuel’s parents died during the storm and their home washed away. Lea, who feels an unnatural pull to the boys, adopts the twins and brings them home with her to Sag Harbor. Her husband, Mark, is a child psychologist and author, who doesn't agree with the two new additions to the family and only agrees to their presence to help his wife get over the tragedy she suffered. Elena and Ira, Mark and Lea’s son and daughter, are ambivalent to the presence of two new brothers. But the atmosphere in the home begins to change. The twins have their own plans for Sag Harbor and they see their “new pa” as a threat, a threat that needs to be eliminated.                 Let’s face it, kids are creepy. When you take two abandoned 12 year old, blonde hair, blue eyed boys, who look like innocent dolls and turn them into the antago…

Love In War

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Lieutenant Henry has fallen in love with Catherine Barkley. He is an American ambulance driver for the Italian Army. She is an English nurse. This is World War I. Love in itself is complicated but to be in love during the war is a fight within itself. The war pulls them apart and brings them back together after Henry is injured during an attack from the Austrian Army. During his recovery their love and passion intensifies. They discover she is with child, but he must return to the front. Things take a turn for the worst during a retreat when Henry must run for his life and somehow find the woman he longs to be his wife. A Farewell to Arms was an honest interpretation of new love. Catherine at times can be annoying with her proclamations of love but she was raw with her emotions. Henry was much more reserved with how he relayed his information but was still very willing to convey his feelings to her. Henry was the narrator of the story so we were e…

Burn Baby Burn

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

We are now in a time and place where books are forbidden and burned if found by Firemen. Now the job of a Fireman isn’t to put out flames, but to set houses found with books on fire. The world has moved on from books and those found harboring them risk losing their home and being arrested. Guy Montag, who has been a Fireman for ten years, knows the joy that comes from watching the burn. His father and his grandfather were both Fireman before him and he willingly enough has followed in their footsteps. He has a wife, Millie, who takes part in everyday activities like watching TV and taking part in some of the TV shows.  And this is society. But there are those that still read, that still converse, that still question, that still wonder but they are outcast. There are those that will sacrifice there lives before letting these choices to be taken away from them. These outcast affect Guy in a way that he would never imagine. It sets off a fire in him of imagi…