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From Years Past: Eighteen Acres

Eighteen Acres by Nicholle Wallace

Yes, ladies and gents, we have the first female US President Charlotte Kramer presiding over the White House and its eighteen acres. A married mother of two will soon be facing re-election and with her female Chief of Staff, Melanie Kingston, by her side the United States is theirs for the taking. Not so fast because of course there is scandal in the mix in the form of a cheating husband. The First Man is having an affair with a member of the press that works closely with the White House known as Dale Smith. Now the fun really begins. The story revolves around these three ladies and the choices women today have to make when it comes to having careers. One situation examines family and how being the leader of the free world can have its draw back. Another situation examines how you can move up the chain of command and yet be steps away (literally) from where you started at. The most controversial situation surrounds that of loving a married man and …