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Playing Catch Up

So it’s been a rough couple of months. There were a lot of personal things going on in my life that made it hard for me to keep up my reading pace, let alone write an update on my journey through Stephen King. I am getting back into the groove and I am finally ready to update you on what’s been going in the mind of Stephen King. The following reviews are short (very short) and pretty much my view on each novel so far. You will probably recognize a fair number of these books because they are pretty famous movies. Before you even ask, to me all the books are better. Let’s begin.

Thinner Another Richard Bachman thriller, this one deals with the cost of crossing the wrong person. It could literally cost you your life. Probably one of my favorite Bachman books. Translated well to film.

It Definitely a coming of age story, with a terrifying twist. Kids in Derry disappear and this group of kids figure out why. I will admit that is not my favorite King. I didn’t care for the way he wrote the bo…